Our first year of operation since taking over San Diego Basset Rescue has almost come to a close and we are proud of what we have accomplished this year.  As of this date 12/27/13 we have placed 37 dogs in forever homes!  And since this is what we are all about rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of our beloved hounds our first year has been successful.


We have added a few foster homes but of course we can always use more.. Our foster homes are wonderful and truly care about the welfare of the dogs they foster. We want to thank everyone for their efforts in assisting with the care and transition of the hounds- our fosters are the best!


We have financially held our own this year with the help of donations and our big fundraising picnic in June. We have attached our first year’s income and expense report consistant with our policies.


Healthcare of our dogs is provided by Steel Canyon Veterinary Clinic in Jamul. The vets and staff at this practice take excellent care of our hounds and we are grateful for their care and support.


We have, as you porbably know, made some changes to the organization the old phone number belonged to Mike and Jerri and rang into their home.  Our new phone number

855-WE DROOL (855-933-7665) provides the caller with a messaging service that sends the message to our email address so we can retreive it and return the calll.  We have been pleased with this system since it allows more than one person to receive the calls.


We have a new email address this year which says what we do- find bassest 4 U.


We have also made some changes to the way we adopt hounds.  When a person wants to adopt they fill out an online application, second step is to make sure the applicant’s animals are up to date on all vaccines so we check with their vet to be sure .  Our thought is if they don’t take care of their own dog they will not take care of ours.  Also, if they are a renter we contact the landlord to see if a dog or another dog in some case is allowed.   We then conduct an online interview with the people and set up a time to visit with ALL members of the family who reside in the home.  The physical home visit is to see if all is as it should be and to see where our dog will live if approved.  If approved we begin the search for a dog that is right for the family.  We believe that this allows us to better help our hounds find the right home.


We have also just recently changed our mailing address to: P.O. Box 152746, San Diego, CA 92195   This was changed for our convience since our former PO box was on the opposite side of town from where all board members live.


Another change made is we keep a dog with a foster for 2 weeks minimally to allow the dog’s personality to begin to shine through so we can better fit the dog to  the family.  During this time we get lots of feedback from the fosters which allows us to better know the dog and his/her needs before placing the dog in a home.


These are some of the changes that you may have noticed this year.  It seems impossible that almost a year has passed.  As a rescue we see many dogs and each case is different we try to help each hound with their needs but this year we have had our share of cases needing more that routine vet care.  We have had Zeke and all his problems, Daisy who had a chemical ablation which did not work and had to have her eye removed, Waylon who was heart worm positive and underwent treatment for this condition.  Lexi who was shut down and physcally a mess and is now a happy playful girl.  We rescued a dog from a man that was forcing him to drink beer and we were asked to step in and take him, which of course we did.  We have taken  2 dogs from abusive homes in emergency situations.  We took a dog into rescue when a man became homeless.  He and the dog lived on the streets for weeks before the dog finally came to rescue.  These cases of course were intermingled with the normal.”I need to give up my dog” and shelter pulls.  It has been a busy year for us.  All of this of course cost money and we can’t seem to get the hounds to get a job to pay for their food and vet care so we once again turn to you- our wonderful supporters.   Please give any amount you can afford.


The picnic fundraiser will again be the first Sat. of June which this year is June 7th, 2014  more to follow as we get closer.


Once again SDBR be walking in the San Diego Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown San Diego come walk with us in March.  It was a fun event this past year and all the onlookers loved the bassets.  We had hounds in costumes and some just walking we had young dogs and old dogs.  Dogs in wagons and of course we had the “POOPED PUP PICK UP SERVICE” which allowed tired hounds to ride for awhile so not to wear out those poor tired feet.  Consider joining us this year.


We attended the  Basset Hound Club of Southern CA annual picnic and had a wonderful time.  This Breed Club put on a great event,   Consider joining us & them  in 2014 we are looking forward to it.


We also attended Daphneyland’s Hoedown in May, another must attend for people!Daphneyland is a sister rescue in Acton,CA .


And speaking of sister rescues,this past year we have worked with Golden Gate Basset Rescue, Barni at Daphneyland, Golden Empire Basset Rescue and a couple all breed rescues to help find homes for the homeless hounds across our state.  We all have the same goal to find homes for the homeless hounds so working with other rescues just makes sense to us.  And this year we also went international and took two hounds from Los Cabos Humane Society in Los Cabos, Baja, CA.


One of our alumni is the May pinup boy on Golden Gate Basset Rescue’s 2014 calendar.  Formally known as Guayo he is now Snoop Dog and is living the life of a rock star.


Thanks to all of you kind folks, our supporters,  who give of themselves by volunteering and giving financially to help the hounds.


I personally want to thank our board of directors, our fosters and volunteers for the time they spend working with rescue.  You get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life but please know you are greatly appreciated.


That is a quick overview of what has transpired this past year. There was too much to put in this newsletter but we hit some of the hightlights.   Thanks again for your support.


Shirley Mueller




President:   Shirley Mueller

Vice President: Judy Helfferich

Secretary: Barbara Thulin

Treasurer: Bob Mueller


Advisors: Dawn Smith

Wendi Prince


Veterinarians: Dr. Christine Wilson,DVM

Dr. Kent Wilson, DVM

the staff at Steele Canyon Vet. Clinic in Jamul, CA


Facebook updates: Shirley Mueller

Shelter Coordinator: Julia Sarah

Webmaster: Shirley Mueller


Volunteer for SDBR


There are many positions that need volunteers to fill them.  Many can be done from the comfort of your own home while others require more time.

We need a volunteer coordinator, event coordinator, assistant shelter coordinator, Newsletter editor, Fundraising coordinator these are just to name a few.

Volunteering for San Diego Basset Rescue is a fun experience and while we take what we do very seriously we have a good time doing it. Have fun while working for the hounds. Email us at basset4u@att.netif you are interested in volunteering.



Fostering is THE most important job in rescue and the most needed.  When a hound comes into rescue he comes from many different sources.  Some are from a shelter where it is loud, constant noise and frightening for most dogs. Even then they were abandoned, picked up as strays, lost with no one looking for them. or abused.

They come to us from owners who can no longer keep them either due to financial circumstances or they are just tired of them. Either way they have lost the only home they have ever known whether good or bad.


Here is where rescue comes in-the dogs need a place to unwind, a place to be a dog again.  Some have been on the street and are food aggressive because they had to be to survive.  Others are more timid and take any scraps left over for them.  Some are resiliant and bounce back quickly and with joy others it takes a little longer.  We at SDBR keep our dogs in rescue for a minimum of 2 weeks so that we can begin to see the true dog emerge.

The job of the foster is to oversee and help this process.  To observe and tell us what you see.  Is the dog frightened of Men? Women? Children? other dogs or cats?  It is the job of the foster to be the eyes and ears of rescue. You tell us about the dog so we can fulfill his needs. It is like having another dog without the expense.  You supply the love and we supply the support. And who benefits? The dogs from your care and the foster from the unconditional love the hounds give.  It is a win win situation. If you are interested in fostering email us at




Like all rescues most of our resources are spent on vet care and supplies for the dogs.  This year we were slammed with dogs with assorted problems most minor like needing spays, neuters and immunizations.  But we also had some cases that required more care than usual.  We had a heartworm case, a case of glucoma where we did a chemical ablation which did not work and we had to have the eye removed.  We had a sarcoptic mange case, polyps in the ears that needed removing, tumors, cronic ear infections and of course our little miracle boy “Zeke” who is doing great but is still under medical care.  All of these dogs are of course given the care needed but it takes resources to pay for these bills and when we asked the donations came.  For this we thank all of you who opened your wallets and gave to the hounds. We could not have accomplished this without each of you.


There are many ways to support your local rescue- get involved with us and have a fun time while doing the meaniful work of saving and transforming lives.