Adoption Info

The Adoption Process

The first step in the adoption process is to fill out an online application.  We will then review the

application and if the applicant is a renter we will contact the landlord to be certain that a dog is allowed.  We will

also  call your vet to be certain that your animals current and past have been up to date on all immunizations.

If all information is good the adoption coordinator will interview the applicant by phone and set up a time for a home

visit.   A volunteer of SDBR will come to your home to interview you and all members who live in your home.  We will

want to see where the dog will live  both inside and outside.  All members who live in the home must be present 

for the home visit.   We will check your yard to be certain everything is safe for a hound.   After the  home visit the

we will  process all the information and  a decision  will be made.  This is a board decision.

If approved the family with the help of the coordinator will decide on a dog that is right for them.

Once a match is made the family will make arrangements with the foster to visit the dog.  If all is well and the dog is

selected the family will sign the contract, pay the adoption fee and may take the dog home to become a part of their

family.    The family has a trial period of 2 weeks  to return the dog to SDBR to receive a full refund of the adoption

fee.  If after meeting the dog he is not the right one for the family the meeting process will begin again until a dog is

selected for adoption.

Adoption application click here